The all-inclusive, 4-day climbing festival.
Powered by ASANA

SEPT 21-24, 2017
Castle Rocks State Park, Idaho

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The Idaho Mountain Festival--Powered by ASANA--is Idaho's all-inclusive climbing festival. This four-day climbers retreat is hosted inside Castle Rocks State Park near Almo, Idaho--right next door to the ever-so-popular City of Rocks National Reserve.

At the festival, climbers will have the chance to enjoy the classic granite rock climbing and a solid collection of entertaining attractions.


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The Idaho Mountain Festival is once again powered by ASANA CLIMBING. Their support makes it possible to secure all the permitting, insurance, and facility rentals for the festival.

Asana is an Idaho based company, located in Boise, ID. They specialize in manufacturing the world's best bouldering crash pads and other climbing accessories.

“Asana Climbing is proud to present the Idaho Mountain Festival. What a great opportunity to lure climbers from all over to see the beauty and grandeur of the granite in Castle Rocks and the famed City of Rocks! With Asana being based in Boise, we feel like we are welcoming the community into our backyard for a 4-day party of climbing, clinics, music, and fun. We look forward to this being the first in a long tradition of a yearly event that highlights what Idaho has to offer our ever-growing climbing family.”
--James Sproull, Founder of Asana


EDELWEISS is the exclusive rope sponsor of the festival. Edelweiss is hosting the traditional rodeo clipping contest as well as some phenomenal athlete workshops and gear demos. 

CAMP CHEF is providing all the cooking supplies that we need to prepare, cook, and serve 6 meals to 350 hungry climbers. Camp Chef is also sponsoring the Open Grill Night on Thursday. So don't forget to bring your favorite grillables and a hearty appetite. 

LA SPORTIVA is the exclusive shoe sponsor of the festival. Plan on giving your own shoes a rest and demo-out a pair of La Sportiva shoes while you at the festival. La Sportiva will be hosting some amazing festival-attractions this year, including athlete workshops 

GOAL ZERO is teaming up with us to provide the festival with the power we need to operate most of our equipment--power harnessed from the sun. With our goals to be an event that is run off the grid and environmentally friendly, GOAL ZERO is definitely an asset in that regard.


Petzl is back for another year, providing the support for another amazing festival attraction.

Klymit is back for another year, providing the support for another amazing festival attraction.

Solid Rock--Climbers For Christ is the title sponsor of the Friday and Saturday breakfasts. Hungry? They'll hook you up.

Barbacoa is stepping up as the sponsor and provider of the Saturday night dinner. Are you hungry?

Mountain Home Yoga will be hosting various yoga sessions during the festival. Bring your pad or borrow one of theirs.


There are many ways for your company, business, foundation, and/or family to support and be involved with the Idaho Mountain Festival. Contact the Benjamine Eaton for more info:


With your All-Inclusive Festival Pass, you'll be able to enjoy the following attractions at no extra charge:

PETZL Reel Rock Movie Party: Instead of sitting inside a theater and watching people climb outside, come watch the Reel Rock films outside at one of Idaho's finest climbing destinations. This is an exclusive screening for festival attendees only.

City Slicker Scavenger Hunt: Become this year's male or female City Slicker by accumulating the most points be doing as many things as you can on the City Slicker Tick List. The tick list consists of various things that a festival attendee can do to enjoy themselves at the festival.

ASANA Group Bouldering Sessions: Join in on some high-energy and ultra-fun bouldering sessions with the Asana crew and athletes. This includes the traditional "Moonlight Bouldering" session on Thursday night as well as the two morning sessions on Friday and Saturday morning. Pads, spotters, and instruction will be available.

Table O'Swag: On the last night of the festival, you might be one of the lucky festival attendees that gets to come up to the Table O' Swag to pick a prize from one of our sponsors.

Home Cooking: The all-inclusive festival pass includes a total of six meals, dinners and breakfasts. Just ask anyone that has attended already, the food is mighty tasty. (We encourage you to bring your own table ware to help us reduce the amount of trash produced at the festival. We'll have a cleaning station for you to wash your dishes after each meal.)

  • CAMP CHEF Thursday Dinner
  • SOLID ROCK CFC Friday Breakfast
  • Friday Dinner
  • SOLID ROCK CFC Saturday Breakfast
  • BARBACOA Saturday Dinner
  • Sunday Breakfast

Gear Demos: Our sponsors are bringing their demo fleets for you to try out their awesome gear. Forgot to pack something? I bet you one of our sponsors will have you covered.

  • LA SPORTIVA climbing and trail shoes
  • ASANA crash pads
  • EDELWEISS harnesses
  • PETZL harnesses, helmets, and headlamps
  • KLYMIT sleeping pads

King of the Castle Fun Run: Challenge yourself by running 6-miles of trail around Castle Rocks State Park.

Climbers Carnival: Come have fun participating in various shenanigans.

Tent City: Your all-inclusive festival pass includes three nights of camping inside Castle Rocks State Park during the festival in our Tent City...the only time of the year when camping is allowed in the park. The best thing about it is that you can easily walk to all the climbing from your tent. Once you park your car, you might never need to touch it till it's time to go home.

Off-The-Rock Workshops

Off-The-Rock Workshops: Our sponsors are bringing in their athletes to conduct "Off-The-Rock" workshops, teaching and sharing skills that will make you a more proficient climber or trail runner. You will be able to sign up for workshops when you arrive and check in at the festival. First come, first served.

KLYMIT Poker Ride/Hike/Run: Collect a hand of five poker cards along a 6-mile trial-loop and you might be the lucky.

Bikers/runners/hikers will tackle a 6-mile trail through the majestic Castle Rocks State Park. Along the trail they will pick up one card from each of the five "card stations", collecting a hand of five cards. At the end of the day, during the festival's evening shenanigans, we will randomly select two poker hands and award the two individuals that have the best version of the selected hands. This is not an organized race. If you choose to do it, you'll be doing it at your own risk and you can do it anytime between 7am and 5:30pm on Saturday. Anyone can ride/run/hike the course and collect the cards, but only festival attendees are eligible to win prizes.

At-Your-Own-Risk Climbing: Make sure you bring your own climbing gear to get in some of the funnest sport, trad, and bouldering you'll ever do. Don't have a belay buddy? Just be social and you'll have no problem teaming up with someone or some group. It's all about meeting new people.



Because of the State Park permit, we only have 350 open spots.
‬Reserve your festival pass early or you might miss out on the party.

All-Inclusive Festival Pass........................$60
The All-Inclusive Festival Pass is the "golden ticket" to participate in all of the festival attractions for all four days at no extra charge. Ages 8 and up--children under 8 are free. This includes tent camping at the festival's "Tent City" inside Castle Rocks, as well as all the sponsored meals, activities, contests, presentations/movies, and workshops.

All-Inclusive GROUP Festival Pass..........$270
If you have a group or family of 4-6 people, this is the deal you want. The All-Inclusive GROUP Festival Pass covers up to 6 people, ages 8 and up--children under 8 are free. The All-Inclusive Festival Pass is the "golden ticket" to participate in all of the festival attractions for all four days at no extra charge. This includes tent camping at the festival's "Tent City" inside Castle Rocks, as well as all the sponsored meals, activities, contests, presentations/movies, and workshops.

NO REFUNDS. The festival will happen whether rain or shine. If for some unlucky reason you can't use your pass after purchasing it online, you can contact us about transferring the ticket to another person or using it for next year. But you have to do this before September 7, 2017.


The following is the current line-up of events for the 2016 Idaho Mountain Festival.
2017 schedule coming soon.

_____________THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2016_____________

5:00 pm
Festival Opens
(Attendees can start checking in and setting up tents.)
City Slicker Scavenger Hunt Begins

6:30-8 pm
Dinner - Open Grill Night
(Bring your own grillables, we'll bring some sides and hot dogs.)

8-10 pm
Moonlight Bouldering

10:00 pm
Quiet Hours Start

_____________FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2016_____________

8-9 am

8-11 am
Gear Demo Check-Out
LA SPORTIVA climbing and trail shoes
EDELWEISS harnesses
ASANA Crash Pads
KLYMIT Sleeping Pads
PETZL Harnesses, Helmets, and Headlamps

9-10:30 am

10:30 am-12 pm
Slacklining w/ Joe Crane
ASANA Group Bouldering

All Day
Open Climbing, Trail Running, Slacklining, etc.

4:30 pm

5-10 pm
Birthday Carnival (celebrating 5 years):
ASANA Crain Game
EDELWEISS Rodeo Clip Round-Up
LA SPORTIVA Stick Clip Limbo
PETZL Belaytionship
KLYMIT Rack-up Rally
GOAL ZERO Bucket Tug of War
CAMP CHEF Boulder Box
Slackline Rodeo
Crack Attack

6:30-8 pm
Gear Demo Check-In

10:00 pm
Quiet Hours Start

_____________SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2016_____________

7:00 am
Poker Ride/Run/Hike Course Opens

8:00 am
10K Fun Run
(Check-in at 7:30. Run starts at 8.)

8-9 am

Gear Demo Check-Out
LA SPORTIVA climbing and trail shoes
EDELWEISS harnesses
ASANA Crash Pads
PETZL Harnesses, Helmets, and Headlamps
KLYMIT Sleeping Pads

9-10:30 am
Slacklinging w/ Joe Crane

10:30 am-12 pm
LA SPORTIVA Intro to Trad w/ Jonathan Siegrist
ASANA Group Bouldering

All Day
Open Climbing, Trail Running, Slacklining

4:30 pm

6:30-8 pm
Gear Demo Check-In
KLYMIT Poker Ride/Run/Hike Course Closes
City Slicker Scavenger Hunt Ends

8-10 pm
Movie Party - Reel Rock
Table O' Swag Raffle & Awards

10:00 pm
Quiet Hours Start

_____________SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2016_____________

8:00 am

9 am

9-11:30 am
Stewardship Project w/ the Access Fund and C.R.A.G.
(Meet at Castle Rocks Bunkhouse for brush trimming & rock rolling--gloves & tools will be provided.)

12:00 pm
Festival Headquarters Closes
(Attendees must move out of Tent City and Festival Headquarters by this time.)


The Idaho Mountain Festival takes place inside Castle Rocks State Park.

Castle Rocks and City of Rocks is located just outside of Almo, ID, located just north of the Idaho/Utah border in south-central Idaho.

From Boise, ID to Almo, ID: 204 mi, 3 hours 37 mins
From Salt Lake City, UT to Almo, ID: 181 mi, 3 hours 15 mins

General Overview Map

Castle Rocks State Park Map

Almo, ID Map

City of Rocks National Reserve Map


Check out our official hashtag - #idmtnfest


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What is the Idaho Mountain Festival?
The Idaho Mountain Festival is a 4-day climbing, trail running, and mountain biking event that has little to do with competition and more about the celebration and gathering of these great outdoor sports. At the festival, outdoor enthusiasts will have the chance to enjoy the classic granite rock climbing and peaceful trail runs while socializing with new and old friends.

Who can attend?
Anyone that purchases a festival pass is welcome to come and attend the festival. All of the attractions and activities are centered on rock climbing, trail running, and mountain biking. Knowing how to do either of these sports will definitely maximize your experience.

Where is the location of the festival?
The Idaho Mountain Festival will utilize both Castle Rocks State Park and City of Rocks National Reserve near Almo, ID. The majority of activities will take place at “Festival Headquarters” outside of the lodge in Castle Rock State Park.

How much is a festival pass?
Festival attendees can purchase an all-inclusive festival pass for $50. The trail races are a little extra if you desire to join us on our 4MPH trail challenge. If you are bringing your kids, you can purchase an all-inclusive family pass for $175, covering 3-6 immediate family members. 

Will there be climbs set up and someone to belay me?
Festival staff, the sponsors, or the visiting athletes will NOT be setting up routes, hanging ropes, or belaying festival attendees. Any rock climbing will be done at the attendee’s own risk and with their own gear. Feel free to come to the festival to meet up with people to climb…it’s all about reaching out and making new friends.

Did you say that camping and meals are free?
For those that purchase the all-inclusive festival pass, they will be able to tent-camp in the “Tent City” and eat dinner and breakfast for free. The Tent City is located in the grassy area behind the Lodge in Castle Rock State Park. Festival staff will assign attendees to a spot. Each spot can hold up to two tents and 6 people. We encourage people to share tents. We are limited in only allowing up to 250 people in the Tent City.

Can I bring my dog?
Dogs are always welcomed in Castle Rock State Park and City of Rocks National Reserve, as long as they are constantly on a leash and the owners pick up their messes. During the festival, with a lot of people, we do encourage you to leave your dog at home if possible.

Can we bring our trailer or RV?
As part of the festival we can only provide tent camping in the Tent City. If you need/want to attend the festival and sleep in a trailer/RV, than you will need to make arrangements to camp in the Smokey Mountain Campground or in the City of Rocks. If you do this, than you might want to consider purchasing the festival day pass…unless you want to eat dinner and breakfast with us.

Is there a lot of parking?
Parking for festival attendees is located right outside of the park. This will require you to walk your gear a reasonable distance to the actual festival area. We highly encourage car-pooling to the festival. The parking lots inside the park are reserved for the general public, park staff, etc. Please only use the designated parking area for festival attendees. For those that are sleeping in their car/truck/van, there will be a lot inside the park specifically for vehicle camping...just no RVs or trailers.

Will there be beer?
Festival attendees are free to bring and consume alcohol at Festival Headquarters in Castle Rock State Park. Alcohol is allowed in both parks. Festival staff and the sponsors have NOT made any plans to provide any type of alcohol during the festival. Alcohol is available at Rock City in Almo, ID. Please drink responsibly. Don’t drive drunk. Use a designated driver. Understand that festival staff, Idaho State park rangers, and the Cassia County Sheriff’s department reserve the right to discipline and evict those that abuse their privilege to drink.

What is there to do at the festival?
During the festival, we will provide many attractions to entertain the attendees. We plan to provide "off-rock" climbing workshops, trail races, a poker ride/run/hike, slideshows, movie showings, free tent camping, free dinner and breakfast, activities and small contests to win swag from our sponsors, and morning yoga, trail runs, and mountain bike rides.

I preregistered for my festival pass, will it be mailed to me?
Thank you for preregistering. This helps us a lot in planning and making sure we have enough parking, camping spots, prizes, and food. By preregistering for a festival pass, all you have to do is show up and check in at Festival Headquarters to receive all passes, tickets, and camping spots. We won’t be able to mail these items to you before the festival. Have no worries, your name is on the list and you are good to go.

How do I preregister for my festival pass?
Please use this link to register and pay for your festival ticket: You will eventually be taken to the website where you will make the official transaction for your festival pass.