What is the Idaho Mountain Festival?
The Idaho Mountain Festival is a 4-day climbing, trail running, and mountain biking event that has little to do with competition and more about the celebration and gathering of these great outdoor sports. At the festival, outdoor enthusiasts will have the chance to enjoy the classic granite rock climbing and peaceful trail runs while socializing with new and old friends.

Who can attend?
Anyone that purchases a festival pass is welcome to come and attend the festival. All of the attractions and activities are centered on rock climbing, trail running, and mountain biking. Knowing how to do either of these sports will definitely maximize your experience.

Where is the location of the festival?
The Idaho Mountain Festival will utilize both Castle Rocks State Park and City of Rocks National Reserve near Almo, ID. The majority of activities will take place at “Festival Headquarters” outside of the lodge in Castle Rock State Park.

How much is a festival pass?
Festival attendees can purchase an all-inclusive festival pass for $75. If you are bringing a group, you can purchase all-inclusive passes for up to 5 people for $350.

Will there be climbs set up and someone to belay me?
Festival staff, the sponsors, or the visiting athletes will NOT be setting up routes, hanging ropes, or belaying festival attendees. Any rock climbing will be done at the attendee’s own risk and with their own gear. Feel free to come to the festival to meet up with people to climb…it’s all about reaching out and making new friends.

Did you say that camping and meals are free?
For those that purchase the all-inclusive festival pass, they will be able to tent-camp in the “Tent City” and eat dinner and breakfast for free. The Tent City is located in the grassy area behind the Lodge in Castle Rock State Park. Festival staff will assign attendees to a spot. Each spot can hold up to two tents and 6 people. We encourage people to share tents. We are limited in only allowing up to 350 people in the Tent City.

Can I bring my dog?
Dogs are always welcomed in Castle Rock State Park and City of Rocks National Reserve, as long as they are constantly on a leash and the owners pick up their messes. During the festival, with a lot of people, we do encourage you to leave your dog at home if possible.

Can we bring our trailer or RV?
As part of the festival we can only provide tent camping in the Tent City. If you need/want to attend the festival and sleep in a trailer/RV, than you will need to make arrangements to camp in the Smokey Mountain Campground or in the City of Rocks. If you do this, than you might want to consider purchasing the festival day pass…unless you want to eat dinner and breakfast with us.

Is there a lot of parking?
Parking for festival attendees is located right outside of the park. This will require you to walk your gear a reasonable distance to the actual festival area. We highly encourage car-pooling to the festival. The parking lots inside the park are reserved for the general public, park staff, etc. Please only use the designated parking area for festival attendees. For those that are sleeping in their car/truck/van, there will be a lot inside the park specifically for vehicle camping...just no RVs or trailers.

Will there be beer?
Festival attendees are free to bring and consume alcohol at Festival Headquarters in Castle Rock State Park. Alcohol is allowed in both parks. Festival staff and the sponsors have NOT made any plans to provide any type of alcohol during the festival. Alcohol is available at Rock City in Almo, ID. Please drink responsibly. Don’t drive drunk. Use a designated driver. Understand that festival staff, Idaho State park rangers, and the Cassia County Sheriff’s department reserve the right to discipline and evict those that abuse their privilege to drink.

What is there to do at the festival?
During the festival, we will provide many attractions to entertain the attendees. We plan to provide "off-rock" climbing workshops, trail races, a poker ride/run/hike, slideshows, movie showings, free tent camping, free dinner and breakfast, activities and small contests to win swag from our sponsors, and morning yoga, trail runs, and mountain bike rides.

I preregistered for my festival pass, will it be mailed to me?
Thank you for preregistering. This helps us a lot in planning and making sure we have enough parking, camping spots, prizes, and food. By preregistering for a festival pass, all you have to do is show up and check in at Festival Headquarters to receive all passes, tickets, and camping spots. We won’t be able to mail these items to you before the festival. Have no worries, your name is on the list and you are good to go.

How do I preregister for my festival pass?
CLICK HERE to register and pay for your festival ticket. You will eventually be taken to the Athlete360.com website where you will make the official transaction for your festival pass.