With your All-Inclusive Festival Pass, you'll be able to enjoy the following attractions at no extra charge:


PETZL Booty Hunt: We are excited to host the first ever Petzl Booty Hunt. On Friday, you will awake to find your favorite trails and climbs bootified. Rise early and be the first to spot the brightly colored Ergonomic-Gift-Guards (E.G.G.s) hidden around Castle Rock. Each E.G.G. contains some form of prize/booty and returning the E.G.G. to the Petzl booth will also enter the finder into a raffle for a new GRIGRI + Belay Device. Keep your eyes peeled and be ready to collect climbing booty!

ASANA Group Bouldering Sessions: Join in on some high-energy and ultra-fun bouldering sessions with the Asana crew and athletes. This includes the traditional "Moonlight Bouldering" session on Thursday night as well as the two morning sessions on Friday and Saturday morning. Pads, spotters, and instruction will be available.

Sponsored Meals: Various sponsors and caterers will be providing dinners and breakfasts during the festival.

(We encourage you to bring your own table ware to help us reduce the amount of trash produced at the festival. We'll have a cleaning station for you to wash your dishes after each meal.)

Gear Demos: Our sponsors are bringing their demo fleets for you to try out their awesome gear. Forgot to pack something? I bet you one of our sponsors will have you covered.

  • ASANA: bouldering pads
  • EDELWEISS: harnesses
  • LA SPORTIVA: climbing and trail shoes
  • KAILAS: harnesses, helmets, stick clips
  • PETZL: harnesses, helmets, headlamps
  • KLYMIT: sleeping pads
 Off-The-Rock Workshops

Off-The-Rock Workshops: Some of our sponsors are bringing in an athlete or two to conduct "Off-The-Rock" workshops to teach and share skills that will make you a more proficient climber. You will be able to sign up for workshops when you arrive and check in at the festival. First come, first served.

  • ASANA group bouldering w/ team ASANA
  • EDELWEISS multi-pitch tips and tricks w/ Jackson Marvell
  • LA SPORTIVA send/redpoint strategies w/ Lauren Callaway
  • LA SPORTIVA intro to trad w/ Jonathan Siegrist
  • KAILAS the art of projecting hard boulders and sport routes with Daniel Popowski
  • Yoga w/ Kaitlyn Campbell

Climber's Rodeo: Come have fun participating in various shenanigans: mechanical bull, boulder box, rodeo clipping, and more.

Table O'Swag: On the last night of the festival, you might be one of the lucky festival attendees that gets to come up to the Table O' Swag to pick a prize from one of our sponsors.

Poker Ride/Hike/Run: Collect a hand of five poker cards along a 6-mile trial-loop and you might be the lucky winner.

Bikers/runners/hikers will tackle a 6-mile trail through the majestic Castle Rocks State Park. Along the trail they will pick up one card from each of the five "card stations", collecting a hand of five cards. At the end of the day, during the festival's evening shenanigans, we will randomly select two poker hands and award the two individuals that have the best version of the selected hands. This is not an organized race. If you choose to do it, you'll be doing it at your own risk and you can do it anytime between 7am and 5:30pm on Saturday. Anyone can ride/run/hike the course and collect the cards, but only festival attendees are eligible to win prizes.

King of the Castle Fun Run: Challenge yourself by running 6-miles of trail around Castle Rocks State Park.

Tent City: Your all-inclusive festival pass includes three nights of camping inside Castle Rocks State Park during the festival in our Tent City...the only time of the year when camping is allowed in the park. The best thing about it is that you can easily walk to all the climbing from your tent. Once you park your car, you might never need to touch it till it's time to go home.

At-Your-Own-Risk Climbing: Make sure you bring your own climbing gear to get in some of the funnest sport, trad, and bouldering you'll ever do. Don't have a belay buddy? Just be social and you'll have no problem teaming up with someone or some group. It's all about meeting new people.