Total Solar Eclipse

I stood on the shore of Idaho's Egin Lakes, surrounded by sand dunes, watching the eclipse with my family. With a pair of eclipse glasses taped to the end of my lens and my heavy camera perched up on a flimsy gorilla pod, I would press the shutter button every 1-2 minutes. The end result, after stitching the selected photos together, is this gratifying image of the eclipse sequence...reaching complete totality.


Which is better...the Petzl GRIGRI + or the Petzl GRIGRI 2? Which one is right for you? Are the additional features of the GRIGRI PLUS worth the extra money and weight? Should you upgrade to the GRIGRI + if you already have the GRIGRI 2?

Here is my quick, raw and unedited comparison of the two Petzl belay devices. 

Get a GRIGRI + for yourself here.
Get a GRIGRI 2 for yourself here.


Shock Collar Challenge: Drink Water

Strapping on a shock collar is a scary thing. Try doing anything that requires precision while your friend zaps you. Grab your own shock collar here.


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Stupid and Confused


Some say "tomAto", others say "tomato". You say "corn", and I say "KARN".


An Amazing Contraption

Do you ever find toys that simply amaze you? Check out this Hoberman Expanding Sphere.



Are you a Gemini? Because I am a gem-in-eye.


I've Got a Stick

I have a stick. It's a scratchy, straight stick. It's a stalky, scratchy, straight stick.


Want to Hear a Joke?

Why did the pickle have a mustache?


Banana Butter

Banana butter is the best thing on earth.


I Can Fly

Ever wish you could fly?


Happy Birthday Joke

Is it your birthday? Enjoy this Devin-themed joke.


Dancing Ninja Turtle

Ever seen a ninja turtle dance?


How to Eat Sardines

This is how you eat sardines without a fork.


Mysterious Floating Head

The mysterious floating head appears when you lease expect it.


Dancing Mannequin

When no one is around, the mannequin comes out to play.


Dance Like Nobody is Watching

When two people put on masks and think that they are invisible to the world, they also believe that they are amazing dancers.


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